AR500 Steel "Punisher Skull" 10"x12" Reactive Target

AR500 Steel "Punisher Skull" 10"x12" Reactive Target

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Product Description

Just in time for The shooting season! This 1/4" thick AR500 Steel Target which measures 10" x 12" and is perfect for the Male or Female shooter. 2.5" Death hole makes a great sound when hit. Eyes are shootable with replaceable wood that can be replaced. Skull is painted and has the appearance of rotting. 2" x 4" pocket on rear of target can be utilized with a 5 gallon pail (not included) filled with stone or cement or buried in the ground.

This target can be used for pistol, shotgun or rifle depending on the distance it is set. Proper safety protection needs to be followed when shooting steel targets. Target should be leaned forward slightly to reduce the risk of fragments hitting the shooter or bystanders. Always wear protective equipment while shooting.

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