Not an IFAK, the Voodoo Tactical “Tactical Response Life Saver” Kit (TRLS)

Not an IFAK, the Voodoo Tactical “Tactical Response Life Saver” Kit (TRLS)
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Product Description

The TRLS by Voodoo Tactical is not an IFAK but a kit for that moment that having the right tools ready for rapid deployment can make the difference between an emergency and a crisis. bcolburn LLC was the lead in the design of the Tactical Response Life Saver Kit (TRLS) by Voodoo Tactical. Designed for first response, law enforcement, and SWAT personnel to have the very best emergency first aid and wound care available for immediate use when and where they need it.

Used in on-site field training, the Tactical Response Life Saver Kit (TRLS) is housed in a drop leg pouch for immediate access and contains critical trauma wound care, tactical field dressings, and EMT tools. Durable interior straps keep contents organized for fastest access in high stress and high risk situations, and prevent tools and materials from falling out of an unzipped pouch as the operator moves from one patient to the next. Because every second matters, we selected tactical wound care products with the best quality, performance, and rapid application possible.

OLAES modular bandages are the latest generation of trauma bandages, designed with the input of combat medics to provide the most effective care with maximum multiple application efficiency in high-pressure field emergencies. HyFin Vent Chest Seal—included in a twin pack for treating entry and exit wounds—has an innovative design with pressure relief vents and channels to effectively control air and blood flow plus advanced adhesives for a sure seal even under the most adverse conditions. Gen 3 SOF Tactical Tourniquets’ unique design eliminates the need to re-thread webbing, yielding easier operator use under stress for faster application time and reduced blood loss.

Every Tactical Response Life Saver Kit also contains a black permanent marker to identify tourniquet application time, glow sticks to mark areas or object of interest, and 7 1/5 inch EMT shears on a self-retracting tether for exposing wounds and allowing proper application of contents. Plus the drop leg pouch has an exterior pocket, to hold additional critical trauma care materials, such as PPE like nitrile gloves.

The Drop Leg pouch is new to the Voodoo Tactical line up and can be purchased separately, item #20-0210 and is available in Black, OD Green and Coyote Brown. The Leg strap is adjustable to three different heights allowing for maximum comfort for the operator. The drop and leg strap can be removed and the kit can be affixed to PALS webbing with a third party device.

Every Tactical Response Life Saver Kit contains:

1 ea – Drop leg pouch (20-0210) 1 ea – Black permanent marker for marking tourniquet time 1 ea – EMT shears 1 ea – T-Reign retractable key holder 1 ea – Green light stick 1 ea – Red light stick 2 ea – Twin pack – HyFin Vent chest seal 1 ea – OLAES modular bandage – round 1 ea – OLAES modular bandage – flat 2 ea – Gen 3 SOF Tactical tourniquet – high-viz orange Features:

Drop leg zippered pouch for rapid deployment Inner straps for organization and loss protection in action Used by professional first responder, law enforcement, and SWAT personnel Designed for maximum efficiency in high risk situations OLAES bandages designed for fast and effective trauma care of multiple applications in field emergencies HyFin chest seal twin pack included to dress entry and exit wounds HyFin chest seal vent and channel design effectively controls air and blood flow Gen 3 SOF Tactical tourniquets eliminate the need to re-thread webbing, yielding faster application time for reduced blood loss Exterior pocket on drop leg pouch can hold additional critical trauma materials An IFAK or Individual First Aid Kit is intended to be used on the individual carrying it. The TRLS is designed to be carried by those responding to Active Shooter situations and deployed immediately once the threat is neutralized and security is set. Immediate use of these items will maximize that “Golden Hour” for the patient until advanced Life Support can be administered.

If your department or organization is looking for an “out of the box” ready to use option please feel free to contact us for more information.